5 Foods That Gain You Must Know

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Some of the symptoms of gout are pain in the joints that are usually felt in the morning and evening before bed. In addition, legs that experience joint pain will be difficult to move even become stiff and will cause red color. It is better you avoid foods that cause gout.

The cause of increased uric acid levels, which is when the kidneys are unable to eliminate uric acid normally. This can inhibit or slow down the elimination of uric acid including consumption of certain foods, such as diabetes, excessive alcohol consumption and overweight.

There are so many factors that can trigger gout, one of them is from dietary factors. Unhealthy eating patterns can cause increased levels of uric acid, especially there are some foods that can trigger gout. What food is that? See below.

Food Causes Increased Gout

1. Seafood or Seafood

Some types of sea fish that are usually widely consumed such as anchovies, squid, tuna, sardines, crabs, oysters, clams, lobsters, shrimp and mackerel can trigger increased uric acid levels, because these fish contain levels of purines tall one.

2. Various animal innards consumption

Surely we often consume this right, offal such as chicken liver, gizzard, intestines and others from animals because it tastes good and can be processed into a variety of dishes. But did you know that the innards can cause gout, the purine content is very high if you often consume innards it will be at risk of developing gout.

3. Nuts

If you often consume nuts, you should reduce it from now. Because nuts also contain purines which can cause gout.

4. Yogurt, Cheese and Ice Cream

These foods are foods that are usually the most favored, especially by children. But did you know that these foods can cause gout.

5. Beef, lamb and others

Who does not like these meats, in addition to being processed into a variety of diverse dishes, also has a very delicious taste. But did you know that beef, lamb and other four-legged animals that can be consumed can increase uric acid levels. So do not overdo it to consume these foods to avoid gout.

Better to prevent than cure. So let's both reduce the consumption of foods that can cause gout. Consume foods that are full of nutrients or vitamins as needed and don't overdo it in order to maintain a better body health

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